A outdoor museum in Nordingrå. At Mannaminne you will find subway and tram karts, a chinese pavilion, an accordion museum etc.

Höga Kustenleden

A nature trail through beautiful Höga Kusten. Tha trail passes Köringsgården and is therefore perfect for daytrips from the farm.


Bönhamn is one of the many beautiful fishing villages in Höga Kusten. Take a walk and experience the typical red swedish boathouses or take a swedish fika by the water.


A 100 km hiking trail through the world heritage of Nordingrå. Walk one or a few of the different phases to experience the beautiful nature of Noringrå by foot.


A well known lighthouse that is also swedens second highest, from sea level, lighthouse. On the island there is a café, hostel and a sauna. It is possible to visit Högbonden via boat from Bönhamn or Barsta. 


Sunbath, take a swim or have a picknick at the 4km long rocky beach. From the parking lot it is an easy walk through the forrest down to the sea.


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Nordingrå art tour

Birgit Dahlgren took the initiative to start the yearly art tour which has been highly frequented...

Summercafé in july

In the afternoons from 12.30 - 5.30 pm the farm café is open where everyone is welcome...