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Körningsgården is a culture rich farm in the heart of Nordingrå, the High Coast. The farm has been a bead and breakfast since 1930, but was built in the 1800s as the most beautiful farm in the parish in a agricultural and fishing countryside. The building has also been used as a bank and shop.

Multiple famous artists have visited Körningsgården through the years. Prince Eugene of Sweden visited during the 1930s and the japanese writer and artist Kaii Higashiyama. Erland Cullberg frequented often and left both paintings and his studio behind at Körningsgården. Many artists have been captured by the landscape and lighting here. Painting courses have been a frequently recurring course which we hope will continue.

Birgitta Dahlgren, who ran the bed and breakfast for 40 years, started the initiative of the yearly art walk which has been highly frequented.


It occurs during the whitsun weekend every year, welcome.

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